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Vitamins after your Weight Loss Surgery Taking your nutritional supplements on a daily basis, does not have to be a chore. Our products even make your vitamin compliance a nice experience, because they taste good! Even more important, they are optimally absorbed by your new body.
Need help? Get optimal support through our experience Our tasty bariatric products help you take care of your new body. Most of our team has undergone some form of bariatric surgery. We know from our own experience, how important it is to find a high-quality product with great taste, that you can take for life.
Carina - Gastric Bypass 2010
Carina (-65 kilograms) I have had my Bypass in 2010 and know how important it is to have tasty stomach-friendly Bariatric vitamins at your disposal. I love that we have so many different flavors! And everything is developed with the ASMBS-guidelines in mind, so no doubt this is good for me. I still have bloodwork done yearly and results are amazing every time. - Carina - Gastric Bypass 2010 -

Celebrate Vitamins - Bariatric Vitamins, Calcium, Iron and more - After Weightloss Surgery

Vitamins after your Weight Loss Surgery: From patients, for patients! Did you also have bariatric surgery? Then, just like us, you have to take vitamins every day to stay healthy. We have also had a Gastric Bypass, Sleeve or Mini Bypass, so we know what it's like. Taking vitamins every day is necessary for us, after our bariatric surgery. But taking your dietary supplements on a daily basis should and can be a positive and tasty experience! We have many satisfied customers in Europe who use Celebrate Vitamins after their bariatric surgery to stay fit and healthy. Our strongest point is that we don’t only sell these products, but we take them ourselves as well! So we know from our own experience how important it is to find a quality product with a great taste that you can take for the rest of your life! Read more Read less
Help with surgery related topics A solution for every bariatric issue Besides our tasty Multivitamins, Calcium and Iron, we offer the Therapeutics line. These are products that can provide you with something extra you might need after surgery. For example our Vitamin B12 quick melts and Vitamin D3 fall into this category, but also the Hair, Skin and Nails product and Collagen shakes. View products