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Value Pack Gastric Bypass for 3 months, only €1.35 a day

Celebrate Bariatic vitamins for after Gastric Bypass surgery.

A complete package for 3 months, with a multivitamin + iron, and calcium.

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3 months of Vitamin Power at a special price!

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  • Stay healthy for only €1.35 per day!

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What is in the Gastric Bypass value pack for 3 months?

1 x Multi Complete 36 Forest Berry 180 chewables
1 x Calcium soft chews mixed fruit 90 pieces
1 x Calcium soft chews Sweet Treats 90 pieces
1 x Calcium soft chews Cherry 90 pieces

You can start immediately after surgery, the pack is a 3 month supply.

What do I have to take daily?

  • 2 Multivitamin chewables per day
  • 3 calcium soft chews a day (=1500 mg)


  • Always separate the intake of calcium & multivitamin with iron, at least 2 hours
  • If your doctor advises more than 3 calcium per day, we recommend ordering extra bags of calcium.

Why order the Value pack?

  • All you need for 3 months
  • Free advice and help from the WLS team, we are like-minded!
  • Chewable and sublingual tablets: The absorption begins in the mouth
  • Tasty, so you look forward to taking them every day
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Daily dose of iron and B12 to celebrate life full of energy
  • Maintaining good blood levels, even in the longer term

Our search for delicious Bariatric vitamins

Beppie, Melanie and I all have experience with bariatric surgery.
Many of our employees have undergone a WLS operation.
That's why we started our search for bariatric vitamins.
Vitamins that are really tasty and also good for the stomach.

For the rest of your life: take pills every day

If you need to take supplements every day to stay healthy, then why not take a tasty alternative?
Because after a stomach reduction you have to take vitamins for the rest of your life.

Our search stopped when we found Celebrate Vitamins.

Try Celebrate for 3 months!

We like to see happy and healthy like-minded people.
Our mission is to provide the best bariatric vitamins.
(And we have been doing that for over 12 years now!)
Since it is difficult to find out what you need after a stomach reduction, we have put together this starter pack for you.

A complete package for 3 months, with multivitamin + iron and calcium.

The Gastric Bypass operation

Gastric bypass surgery is is the method most frequently applied in recent years to reduce obesity in overweight patients.

How does Gastric Bypass surgery work?

During surgery, the stomach is reduced at the top of the stomach, a small portion of the stomach is split off. A raised loop of the small intestine is connected to this so-called “pouch”. 

To do this, the small intestine is severed. One end of the intestine is as described connected to the pouch and the other redirected so that food and digestive juices are not mixed untill in the middle small intestine. The upper is bypassed directly to the small intestine connecting the stomach ("the bypass"). The remaining stomach stays intact, but this part gets no food.

Gastric Bypass surgery

The digestive juices are drained into the deeper sections of the intestine and thus the digestion can begin here, by splitting the food components.

The smaller stomach is about the size of a lemon or a kiwi fruit. It can absorb less food. People with a gastric bypass therefore, eat less (smaller portions of) food.

Connection of the stomach & intestines: the pyloric valve

The connection of stomach and intestines is also changed. Normally, the pyloric valve ensures that food doesn't get directly in the intestine and remains in the stomach, usually 2-3 hours. After gastric bypass surgery, the food passes directly into the intestine through the modified connection.

Things to know about Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • After a gastric bypass, the abandonment of large amounts of sugar and fat is of great importance, because otherwise unpleasant phenomena (dumping syndrome) can occur.
  • Because the body absorbs less nutrients and gets a lower quantity of food after the procedure, a nutrient deficiency must be prevented with multivitamins and supplements like Celebrate Vitamins.
  • The surgery is performed with the so-called "keyhole method". There are only 5 small skin cuts in the area of the upper abdomen necessary, over which a small camera in the abdominal cavity can be introduced. The procedure usually usually takes 60 minutes.
  • The surgical procedure is done under general anesthesia.
  • A gastric bypass surgery always requires always a referral by the attending physician. Still, a medical evaluation must be made by experts, such as nutrition specialists and psychiatrists.
  • In most cases, the costs of the operation are partially or completely covered by health insurance.
  • The procedure costs varies from centre to centre.
  • Usually, the surgery requires a hospital stay of 2-3 days or longer (drainage, pain treatment, exclusion of post-operative complications). Usually it takes 6 weeks untill full recovery. In some centres, this requires a liquid diet in the first weeks.  

Read more about dumping and how to prevent it after a bariatric surgery

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