I would like to tell you about the importance of a good diet and the right supplements after your bariatric surgery.

Have you also had a stomach reduction, such as a gastric bypass, mini bypass or sleeve gastrectomy? Then it is vitally important that you focus on maintaining a good bariatric diet.
Not just after the operation, but for the rest of your life!

Before my operation, I was a carb-monster

Before I had my surgery, I just ate without even thinking about it. Like many others, I was a bread-addict. Or, in other words, I couldn't stop eating carbohydrates. I loved to eat bread, preferably white bread of course, but also pasta, rice and potatoes.
I tried to diet once by eating less meat and cutting out fatty food.
I thought that fat was the guilty party when it came to my obesity.
So I bought low-fat peanut butter and ‘light’ chocolate paste.
I didn’t realise that those products actually contained MORE sugar to make them taste nice with a lower fat content.

Fats and proteins fill you up

I bought skimmed milk and low-fat cheese (which tasted like cardboard!) and then had to put up with a grumbling tummy. In fact, it's the fats and proteins that actually fill you up! The fact that I was eating low levels of fat and protein, and a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods, kept me in a vicious circle of hunger and snacking. Then, of course, I just put more weight on.

Bariatric diet after my Gastric Bypass

Once I'd finally made up my mind to have a gastric bypass, I started to really examine the subject of diet and all of the various issues.
After bariatric surgery, proteins are of vital importance! Firstly, you need proteins to support your recovery and get you back on track. Proteins are also the most important building block of your life-long, post-operative lifestyle.
Not all proteins are absorbed effectively and they are the ones that give you energy and strong muscles. So you have to ensure that you consume sufficient amounts.

Proteins for Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Mini Bypass

Proteins are important for every weight loss surgery. When I had my surgery I was advised to eat about 100 grams of protein every day. It's the same with a sleeve gastrectomy or a mini bypass. Having a Whey protein shake daily is a good habit, because getting in your protein is a challenge with your newly reduced stomach!

Getting adequate amounts of protein from your diet is hard right after your operation

In the first year after a stomach reduction, few people are able to take in adequate proteins from their diet. After half an egg or a small piece of meat, you feel full up!

That is why we have a well thought out line of protein products in our range; from protein shakes to protein bars, from protein pancakes to protein waffles. We have both sweet and savoury protein products! This includes protein soups and also bread products and even crisps with extra proteins.

This meant I could consume enough proteins after my operation to remain fit and strong.

I still eat a protein product every day because I’m often too busy to make complicated salads with things like chicken and eggs. It’s really handy to be able to throw a protein bar or smoothie into your bag!

Feeling fit and maintaining a healthy weight with extra proteins

The proteins help me to stay healthy and to keep my weight on target. If I need to lose weight after my holiday, I’ll eat a few more of them. That way my weight goes down again.

The best bariatric diet

A good bariatric diet corresponds with eating a lot of protein-rich foods, low levels of carbohydrate, adequate healthy fats and as little sugar as possible. Products like 'light' peanut butter contain a little less fat, but more sugar and, as a result, leave you feeling hungry and raise your blood-sugar levels. I realise now that I was doing it wrong all those years with my low-fat lifestyle. All that time, sugars and unprocessed carbohydrates were the bad guys!

Life’s too short for low-fat cheese

Despite my stomach reduction, I can still eat white bread! But for a long-term, healthy lifestyle and diet, I try to avoid it as much as I can. I often choose spelt or wholemeal rice and pasta now. And I’ll eat a small portion of pasta and a huge mountain of home-made tomato sauce with vegetables and mincedmeat. With a little grated cheese, of course. Full-fat cheese, because life really is too short to eat low-fat cheese!


Carina from WLS


PS: Would you like to know more about the damaging impact of sugar on our body and in our diets?

Check out ‘That Sugar Film’ (I believe it's on Netflix).