Frequently Asked Questions: About Discounts and Promotions

When do I get a free product?

For orders of €70 and up you can choose a free product. If your order is for a higher amount, you can choose a product with a higher value.

I forgot to select my free product! What should I do next?

If you forgot to select the free product while you were completing your order, then it is best to contact customer service immediately after the order is placed. We can then look and see if it can still be added. If your order has already been packed and shipped then it is unfortunately no longer possible. Free products will not be sent separately afterwards.

Do you also have special offers?

Yes, we regularly offer products at attractive discounts in our webshop and on Facebook. You will find these offers under the heading “special offers”. We always keep you up to date about our special offers through our newsletter or via Facebook. 

Can I also receive a discount with WLS?

WLS Products works with quantity discounts. The more you order, the higher the discount.   - For an order of €70 you receive a 6 per cent discount  - For an order of €120 you receive a 12.5 per cent discount  - For an amount of €200 you receive a 15 per cent discount and for an order of €300 you receive a 20 per cent discount.