The best calcium after weight loss surgery

After bariatric surgery, like a gastric bypass or sleeve, it is of vital importance to take a good calcium supplement for the rest of your life.
Apart from taking a good multivitamin (with iron) it is highly recommended to also have a daily dosage of calcium, to keep you strong, fit and healthy!
This means, you will have to take calcium two or three times a day, after your surgery…

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Calcium: what about it?

1. Choose the most effective form of calcium

After bariatric surgery, it is very important to pick a form of calcium that is being absorbed optimally in your new stomach and intestines. This is definately calcium citrate. This form of calcium is most effective to be absorbed in your body.
The more readily and cheaply available calcium carbonate, from the drugstore, needs a lot of stomach acid to be absorbed. After surgery, there is no abundance of stomach acid, therefore, calcium citrate is up to 10 times more effective than calcium carbonate.
Calcium citrate products are a bit more expensive, but with good reason. You will need to take a lot less tablets or chewables to reach your goals.
It is important to take a calcium supplement which also contains vitamin D3, for an even better absorption!

Our Calcium Soft Chews from Celebrate Vitamins contain 500 mg of calcium citrate per chew, as well as 500 IU of Vitamin D3, to guarantee maximum absorption. And this in no less than 8 delicious flavours! This makes taking your daily Calcium a moment of joy, in stead of a chore...

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2. Spread your Calcium intake over the day

If you want to even increase your calcium absorption even more; spread the intake of your calcium in multiple daily dosages of 500 mg. Our bodies are not able to absorb more than 500 mg in one moment, so try to keep at least two hours between them.
I have made a bowl full of different calcium soft chews in all flavours, and I take one when I am in the kitchen. Seeing this bowl full of ‘candy’ reminds me to take my calcium! In the evening, I love my Calcium Soft Chew with coffee or chocolate flavour, to have with my coffee. In the morning, I prefer the fruity flavours to wake me up!
You can also take a few in your handbag or in your car; they are individually wrapped and can be taken along anywhere.

3. Calcium and Iron do NOT go together

Another little tip, but an important one: Calcium and Iron do NOT go together very well. If taken simultaneously, this will inhibit the absorption of the iron AND the calcium! That is just a waste of money.
So if you are taking iron, or a multivitamin with iron, please take your calcium at least two hours later.