Celebrate Vitamins: For All Bariatric Vitamins

Celebrate Vitamins has been market leader in the US for over ten years, providing a tasty and high-quality product to all bariatric patients. It doesn't matter if you have undergone a Gastric Bypass surgery, a Sleeve Gastrectomy or another form of bariatric surgery (Duodenal Switch, SADI, Mini Bypass), the Celebrate Vitamins’ range has something for you, specifically designed for your surgery type!

Why take Celebrate Vitamins over other brands?

Why whould you prefer to take Celebrate Vitamins over any of the other products that are available?

1. Celebrate Vitamins offers the best tasting vitamins and the best price

After bariatric surgery, you will have to take certain supplements for the rest of your life!  This means you will have to muster up the discipline to take them every day, long term. We have tried to make this as easy as possible for you, by making the supplements as tasty as possible.  We strive to improve the taste and quality of our products c ontinually, and we take them ourselves on a daily basis, too!
By providing you with the best tasting products, that are well tolerated by your sensible stomach, we are trying to help you maintain a long term compliance in taking your vitamins. Because  having your supplements should not be a chore, but a fun and tasty way to take care of your new body!

2. Celebrate Vitamins offers a wide range of products in a variety of flavours

By offering multiple flavours from most products, it is easy to never get bored with your vitamins. You can change it up, whenever you get tired of a certain flavour. Not feel like chewing anything with flavour at all? Then we have our capsules, tablets, quick-melt tablets and powders. This way we have a product for everyone!
We also offer products that are specifically designed for each surgery type, so that you can choose the supplements that suit your needs best.

3. Celebrate Vitamins’ Soft Chews are Unique!

Chewable candy vitamins, Soft Chews are the most popular within our team and our bariatric clients! They are easy to take, very tasty, and available in many variaties. There are Soft Chews with calcium, multi and iron in many delicious flavors! This is softer on he stomach and more agreeable than infusions and injections!

4. Celebrate Vitamins is more than ‘just’ bariatric supplements

WLS Products is the official supplier for Celebrate Vitamins in Europe, but we are more than that! We also sell a very broad range of WLS Products, like vitamin D3 and K2 and many more individual supplements. Apart from that, we have a protein webshop with over 150 tasty products containing high quality protein. These products are low in carbs and fats, so they can help you stay fit and healhty before and after your surgery, while meeting your higher protein needs. Try out chips or soups for example, or do you prefer a decadent chocolate bar?

5. At WLS and Celebrate Vitamins we are experts, but patients too!

Who know more about bariatric surgeries than the people who have experienced it themselves? Part of our Celebrate Vitamins team has undergone a bariatric procedure themselves, so we know exactly what it is like.  We take our products ourselves and we are staying fit and healthy doing so. With this very personal experience, we can help you out with all the questions you might have about the surgery and the Celebrate Vitamins supplements.