Gastric Bypass Vitamins

The advantages and effects of Gastric Bypass Vitamins

Bariatric Vitamins for gastric bypass are specialized bariatric vitamins dietary supplements for people who lose weight under the guidance of a doctor or who have or will have a surgical weight loss method like Gastric Bypass surgery. Bariatric Vitamins ensures that you receive the right amount of vitamin B12, calcium, iron and various other Gastric Bypass vitamins and nutrients. Gastric bypass Vitamins are available in various forms such as chewables and capsules. Read more about the Gastric Bypass operation.

Take a look at our products

1. Celebrate offers very tasty products.

This is particularly important when you want to increase your bariatric vitamin intake. When vitamins taste good and are well tolerated even on an empty stomach? Then it’s no longer a punishment to take them daily! Our goal is to achieve the most delicious vitamins and to improve it continually. We offer different flavors. We will make sure everyone can find something of their preference, or just pick two or three tastes and vary every once in a while!

2. Not all bariatric vitamins are the same.

Celebrate offers for example ‘’Multi Complete’’ a very nice chewable that contains a variable daily dose of iron and a complete bariatric set of daily needed vitamins. These vitamins are customly developed for bariatric patients with gastric bypass and sleeve and other kinds of bariatric surgery. They will offer you everything you need!

3. Celebrate offers a complete range of bariatric supplements for after your bariatric operation and all the following years..

Chewables, Soft Chews or sublingual melting tablets; whatever you prefer! The Soft Chews are the most popular within our team and our bariatric clients! They are easy to take, very tasty, and available in many variaties. There are Soft Chews with calcium, multi and iron in many delicious flavors! This is softer on he stomach and more agreeable than infusions and injections!

4. Celebrate also helps you prevent various vitamin-shortages.

‘We offer not only a good multivitamin-product, with or without iron, but also: iron products in different doses, vitamin D and B12 that melt in your mouth & under the tongue and also different types of tasty calcium citrate supplements. These are the deficiencies that occur most frequently with bariatric patients and we provide a solution! We can help you with your blood values, in order to pick the optimal supplement for more energy and higher vitamin levels.

5. At WLS you deal with experts.

Who know more about bariatric surgeries than the people who have experienced it themselves? How do things go in your new life after a gastric bypass or sleeve? We have undergone bariatricsurgery ourselves and also take Celebrate products. This means that we know how it’s like and how they taste.

We are here for you as your fellow bariatric patients.

You can consult us for bariatric vitamins and supplements and protein, but also for recommendations or a sympathetic ear. We are not just your vitamin-shop, but also your fellow companion!  We have experienced many of the things you are, or will be, going through. Like hairloss, loose skin, plastic surgery, and keeping the weight off for up to 15+ years.

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