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Weight Loss Surgery Explained: Gastric bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is the most commonly used method in recent years to reduce obesity in overweight patients.

How does the gastric transit operation work?

During the operation the tongue is removed from a stomach, a small part of the stomach is split off. An increased loop of the small intestine is connections with this "pouch". To do this, the small intestine is cut. One end of the gut is directed with the pouch and the other side and does not go in the middle gut. The upper part is directly diverted to the small intestine dose ("the bypass"). The last stomach remains intact, but this part does not get food.

The digestive juices are channeled to the deeper parts of the intestine and the digestion and go through the food components to split up. The smaller stomach is about the size of a lemon or kiwi fruit. It can cook.People with gastric bypass eat travelers (small portions) of food.

Connection of the stomach and intestines: the pyloric valve

The connection of stomach and intestines has also changed. Normally, pylor valve ensures that that food does not go directly into the intestine and stays in the stomach, usually 2-3 hours. After a gastric bypass surgery, the food passes into the intestine via the adapted function.

What you need to know about a gastric bypass operation

  1. After a gastric bypass, leaving behind large amounts of sugar and fat is of great importance, because otherwise unpleasant symptoms (occur).
  2. Used vitamin supplement absorbs vitamins and gets extra vitamins, vitamins should be supplied with multivitamins and supplements such as Celebrate Vitamins.
  3. The keymat method "The operation is carried out with the design". Only 5 small skin cutouts in the vicinity of the store above are needed, a small camera can be inserted into the abdominal cavity. Travel credit from the Reception to 60 minutes.
  4. The surgical procedure is done under general anesthesia.
  5. A gastric bypass operation always requires a referral by the attending physician. Nevertheless, a medical evaluation must be carried out by experts, nutrition specialists and psychiatrists.
  6. In most cases, the costs of the operation are partially or fully covered by health insurance.
  7. The procedure costs distinguish from center to center.
  8. Usually the operation requires a hospitalization of 2-3 days longer (drainage, pain treatment, exclusion of post-operative complications). Usually it takes 6 weeks to complete recovery. In some centers this was a liquid diet in the first weeks. Like our 3 in 1 Multivitamins with calcium or our 4 in 1 Multivitamin with calcium and protein. See all liquid bariatric vitamins.

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