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4 months of Vitamin Power at a special price!

  • Regular price: €123.50 
  • Value Pack: €106
  • Stay healthy for only €0.88 per day!
  • BE AWARE this package is for 4 months in stead of 3, because of the number of calcium chewables in the jar

Please note, that this package already has a discount and is therefore excluded from the quantity discount.

What is in the Basic Sleeve Bypass value pack for 4 months?

1 x Multi-Complete Restrictive 45 capsules, 90 pieces 
1 x Multi-Complete Restrictive 45 capsules, 30 pieces 
1 x Calcium Plus 500 chewables, Berries & Cream, 270 pieces

You can start 2 weeks after surgery, or when your surgeon tells you to. The pack is a 4 month supply.

What do I have to take daily?

  • 1 Multivitamin Restrictive capsule per day
  • 2 calcium chewables a day (=1000 mg)


Why order the Value pack?

  • All you need for 4 months
  • Free advice and help from the WLS team, we are like-minded!
  • Chewable and sublingual tablets: The absorption begins in the mouth
  • Tasty, so you look forward to taking them every day
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Daily dose of iron and B12 to celebrate life full of energy
  • Maintaining good blood levels, even in the longer term

Our search for delicious Bariatric vitamins

Beppie, Melanie and I all have experience with bariatric surgery.
Many of our employees have undergone a WLS operation.
That's why we started our search for bariatric vitamins.
Vitamins that are really tasty and also good for the stomach.

For the rest of your life: take pills every day

If you need to take supplements every day to stay healthy, then why not take a tasty alternative?
Because after a stomach reduction you have to take vitamins for the rest of your life.

Our search stopped when we found Celebrate Vitamins.

Try Celebrate for 4 months!

We like to see happy and healthy like-minded people.
Our mission is to provide the best bariatric vitamins.
(And we have been doing that for over 12 years now!)
Since it is difficult to find out what you need after a stomach reduction, we have put together this starter pack for you.

A complete package for 4 months, with multivitamin + iron and calcium.

About the Gastric Sleeve surgery

A Sleeve is a stomach reduction. With this procedure, 70-80% of the stomach is removed, creating a smaller, tubular stomach, also known as a sleeve.
With a smaller stomach you will feel more quickly saturated and you can eat only small portions, which leads to weight loss.
The sphincter or pyloric valve remains intact with this stomach reduction and the intestine is not redirected.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

There is a lower risk of "dumping syndrome". If a large part of the stomach is removed, changes in hormone balance occur. The appetizing hormone ghrelin (especially in the beginning) is present in smaller concentrations then before surgery.

Things to know about Gastric Sleeve surgery

  • Because the body gets a lower quantity of food after the procedure, a nutrient deficiency must be prevented with multivitamins and supplements like Celebrate Vitamins.
  • In people with a high BMI (over 50), a stomach reduction is performed frequently at first. If the weight loss stalls, a further intervention is scheduled sometimes, namely a bypass (duodenal switch, SADI or omega loop).
  • The advantage of a gastric sleeve is the preservance of the pyloric valve. But a disadvantage can be the inadequate weight loss.
  • A stomach reduction takes approximately 40 minutes, a keyhole operation with 5 small incisions, which is performed under general anesthesia.
  • The prices for a stomach reduction vary from centre to centre.  In most cases, health insurance pays a stomach reduction. 
  • Your hospital stay will vary from 2-3 days.
  • Recovery takes approximately 6 weeks, sometimes one must take much (liquid) easily digestible food or a liquid diet in the first weeks