Calcium Soft Chews
Calcium Soft Chews

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Chewable Calcium Citrate

You wont believe how much oour customers like these calcium Soft Chews.

The absolute winner is Calcium Soft Chews Watermelon. Be quick, because they go out of stock before you know it!
Another best seller is our Calcium Soft Chews Mixed box 'Mixed Fruit', 90 Calcium Soft Chews in 3 flavours; watermelon (of course), blackberry and strawberry-banana

Chewable calcium citrate from Celebrate Vitamins. With the same level of calcium citrate (and a higher level of vitamin D3) as our Calcium PLUS 500, our Calcium Soft Chews are an unbelievably enjoyable way to get your daily calcium. 500mg Calcium citraat and 500 IU vitamin  D3.