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Multivitamin Soft Chews

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Chewable Multivitamins

Chewable Multivitamins from Celebrate Vitamins. Soft, smooth and chewy candies with the best vitamins and minerals. Some key elements in our chewable multivitamins are vitamin D3, B-12 and B1. Great flavours: Berry, orange and grape.

Have you already tried our ever-popular multivitamin soft chews with their wonderfully fruity taste? Our Celebrate Multi Soft Chews are high-dose vitamins, which are particularly suitable for supplementation after bariatric surgery, but also generally ensure a sufficient basic supply of vitamins, especially in winter. These small vitamin bombs are individually packed and therefore ideal to take along on the go.

Most popular supplements after bariatric surgery

The Celebrate Multi Soft Chews are one of the most popular supplements after bariatric surgeries such as a gastric bypass (recommended intake 2 units per day) or a tube stomach (1 unit per day).

All flavors taste delicious

Whatever your taste buds may like - wild berry, orange or grape - all flavors simply taste delicious. Vitamins for snacking, who can resist that? These Bariatric Multivitamin Chewy Candies contain no iron and their composition is perfectly tailored to the needs of patients with a gastric bypass, gastric stomach or an omega-loop or mini gastric bypass

The tastiest vitamins

We know what it's like to take vitamins for life. We have had bariatric surgeries too.
Our mission is therefore: effective and optimal in taste.

In our webshop, we only carry vitamins whose daily intake provides a positive taste experience and which are also very stomach-friendly.

Do you prefer multivitamins in capsule form?
We carry a wide range of different and high-quality vitamin supplements in our range, such as high-dose multivitamin capsules, which were also developed specifically for targeted supplementation before and after bariatric surgery.