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Liquid Multivitamins

Everything you need after your bariatric surgery, in a tasty fruity drink, or in a creamy shake.

These multivitamins are disguised as a fesh drink or a creamy shake!
After surgery, may patients have a sensible stomach, especially the first 2 months. Swallowing pills is hard on many patients, and chewables might be too sweet or strong tasting in the first few months. Your new stomach is hyper-sensitive.
However it is very important that you start taking a high-dosed multivitamin, to prevent future deficiencies.

That is why Celebrate has developed a fluid multivitamin, especially for those first months after surgery.
Everything you need after your bariatric surgery, is in there!

Celebrate Multi Essential 3 in 1 and 4 in 1, are our favourite products fort he first few months after

  • Gastric Bypass (2 portions daily)
  • Mini Bypass (2 portions daily)
  • Sleeve (1 portion daily)

Multi Essential 3 in 1: Multivitamin + Calcium + Fibre


Multi Essential 4 in 1: Multivitamin + Protein + Calcium + Fibre

It is as simple as 1,2,3 :

Do you like our Multi Essential 3 in 1 drink mix?

In this case, your daily potion contains:

  1. All multivitamins you need
  2. 500 mg Calciumcitrate per portion
  3. Soluble fibre for optimal digestion

This drink mis comes in 60 serving tubs, which will last you 1 month for a (mini) Gastric Bypass, or even 2 months as a Sleeve-patients!

You can choose from fresh flavours like Citrus Splash and Raspberry Lemonade. It is very simple to mix; 1 measuring spoon of powder in approx. 200 ml water, but you can always add more or less water to adjust the level of sweetness to your liking!

Or do you prefer an even MORE complete product for those first months?
Then choose our Multi essential 4 in 1 Shake mix.

This shake contains 4 important components:

  1. High dosed multitivtamins
  2. 500 mg calciumcitrate per portion
  3. 4 grams soluble fibre per portion
  4. AND a whopping 25 grams of Whey protein Isolate, to get your daily protein boost!

This creamy shake is available in the flavours chocolate milk, and vanilla cake batter, in 14 portion bags, For (mini) Gastric Bypass patients, we recommend 2 portions daily, and for Sleeve patients 1 will suffice.
You can mix this shake powder very easily with 200 ml of water, but we prefer it mixed with ice cold (almond)milk! More or less fluid to taste, is always possible.

You really do not need any more than this for those first few weeks after surgery!

Liquid multivitamin is ideal for the first months after the operation. It is soluble in water, milk or juice so that it has a smooth absorption through mouth and stomach. If you have to take 2 servings every day, you obviously want it to be nice. Our liquid multivitamins flavors have the right amount of sweetness making it not only healthy but also delicious.